1. haha….yea the photo something gone really fishy here. 😀 Hmm to change it or not. He looks quite the intelligent and eye-tinkering-witty nerd guy under those glasses to me.

        1. I hope Ecuador comes up with some strong at this point and yea best of luck to him! By the way I was not getting your blog like half an hour ago, but now it’s fine. I like the posts. You might want to check how your shared host is doing.

          1. Not sure what you mean by checking my shared host…not that great at technical stuff..only to giving people a hard time.. thank you.. how do you check to see how your share host is doing ?..no question is too stupid right !

          2. okay. I think I need to trace your address. But not now, later. In the meantime, you can contact the guys who setup your site and ask for data about how it is doing in all locations.

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