River Erosion, SpaceX & Technology : A Bangladesh Perspective

Yesterday I went to this place called Alexander. It’s in a way to the furthest of South Asia – the land ends there and the great river Meghna starts – making her way to the Bay of Bengal.

There I with my friends witnessed just how deadly river erosion can be. There is no certainty of tomorrow. Anytime, all of your belongings can be taken away from you without warning. Later, we came back and I sat at my desk, and watched a breakthrough scientific event – SpaceX in collaboration with NASA launched its robotic spacecraft….

I appreciate Elon Musk and co, on the other side, the sheer irony from comparing the two events gripped me. What kind of weird world do we live in? In one part of the world we are unable save our earth and soil, and in other parts we are conquering great space. Why within humanity as one progress is so discretely distributed? Why can’t international body like UNITED NATIONS and regional bodies can work together to assimilate ideas necessary to share technology resources among nations?

The truth is, whoever possesses new technology can take the nation years forward. It’s just how the world works, yes, dream of a world where we could share resources as one community but the truth appears to contradict me. I’m not going to elaborate on that topic. I consider the problem as to why in this system we are falling behind in technology sector.

To my Bangladeshi counterparts, young and wild, please, have fun and also work hard. Individual progress is prerequisite to collective progress. We have to empower ourselves to contribute to our respective professional arenas. Students who have gone abroad, please come back when you are ready to contribute to Bangladesh. The country need your talent and labour most. We have to develop technology ourselves if we don’t get help. We are making progress, gradually, as my observations tell me. But that is not enough. India has a market that competes with Silicon Valley but Bangladesh is far behind.

The government, group of privileged people who are tasked with assimilating resources, first of all, must cultivate progressive environment if it aims to use our massive population as technology workforce. It must invest more in Technology and keep this sector clean. AFAIK we are investing big on Health Care, Administration and Education. The present govt look patient and determined but govt has more work to do, to earn people’s trust that they are one with the people. Make a clean way in for people who can find it reasonable to come back to Bangladesh to work.

The government MUST start programs to finance best startups. Currently the best ideas are taken away by private telecom companies who are playing monopoly for too long, to speak the truth. If telecom is our most flourished sector, we should use this strong wind our way. In other words, we should prioritize home companies like Teletalk and Walton.

I got work to do. Later!

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