Review : Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

What motivated me to read Zen and Art is Religion. I have been fascinated by Zen and one of my mentors suggested that I read it. Well, must say something. A great book like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is something I am fortunate to have enjoyed at this time.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is not only a great book, it’s also a very important book – as Robert M. Prisig himself classified it as a ‘Kulturbarer’; a Swedish term for ‘Culture Bearer’. It is a culture bearer, yes, for sure. The young generation should read it. The beauty is that you can also read it randomly, flip through some random pages — read excerpts. It wouldn’t make much difference in my opinion, than to read it from the start. The main importance lies in the philosophical context which Mr. Pirsig analyzed in light of all the technological advancements we see today. He does it as he continues his journey with his son, Chris. His outstanding ability to present the topic is what I think is the reason many agree that it is perhaps the most important philosophical text of recent time. It talks about everything.

There are certain questions that arise in me. Questions that cannot be stopped from bugging me. They create a whirlpool of thoughts which I can’t quite put together because of lack of knowledge base and study of Philosophy. Most of us young people would just go on and plainly negate the contributions of ancient Greeks – when they introduced concepts that we use everyday. This book will get you through it. It will get you through the true nature of science, notably. I wouldn’t assert that it’s going to be a very exciting reading experience to answer that question; the deep analysis may start some disinterest, especially before entering the coda. In spite of this I conclude that the book kind of….saved something. Did someone have this “I am the great logician, the mighty logical me and fuck everything that challenges my reasoning” notion? Oh, the writer himself had this. This book will tell a story about that. And from Hector to some unknown mechanic.

I think I am having romantic analysis rather a classic one but who cares, I think I’m going to read Pablo Neruda next! Only I am sorry about Chris.

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