The Seeker

The Seeker / True learning is experiencing a subject…much like carrying out any daily chore. The process is ideally natural and free flowing, even careless at times, as an individual sets on a journey to pursue subjects of interest; and since the process is natural and very personal, it cannot be confined to predefined rules about what to seek and where. Unlike schools for children, where the approach should be playful, students in universities are already on a level where learning a subject should not involve offering a curriculum, but help an individual to nurture the passions. Modern universities do not have the system to offer this to the individual…it comes down to luck, to have teachers who can inspire. In any way, the individual with willpower does not stop the natural pursuit. Because simply, it’s a source of great joy – seeking sources, the sources revealing themselves. #monochrome #street #conceptual #travel #schooling #epistemology #thewho

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