Bunch of Happiness

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Bunch of Happiness

So,who wants to take a picture?? You? and you? and you too??

Like many other underdeveloped territories of Bangladesh,Camera is a thing of wonder for the people around here in Maju Chowdhuryr Haat,one suitable reason behind that is they know movies are filmed with cameras!
This bunch of youngsters noticed us as soon as our car was parked, but decided to keep a reasonable distance from outsiders. Interestingly,when i started taking photos nearby they instantly showed real curiosity and started hovering around me and giggling for no apparent reason…and all that was really cute! They wanted me to take their photos-it was written all over their face.So i never had to request them.They looked very happy about how the pictures came out,couple of times even rolling down in laughter.The pictures probably gave both parties a memory to cherish,fancy a close look into their eyes?

Bunch of Happiness
The square brick crates are used against river erosion.

Naughtiest of them all!

Bunch of Happiness
She wanted to be in all the pictures!smart kid.

Street Fairies
The girl on the right was extremely shy about taking pictures.

Bunch of Happiness
Kid on the middle:Although his leaps were sealed,he enjoyed a lot.

Bunch of Happiness
Everything in its right place? Is it?



  1. i have nothing to say about your photos priom,but only one thing i have to say,and now i am saying it,awesome bro…awesome…

  2. Priom, khub bhalo shots! 😀

    But u gotta work on ur title sense, pal. Instead of just describing what they were doing while u were taking the shots, if only u would have given ur view on these pics. . . the icecream wud have tasted sweeter. 😀

    Your photos are really deep buddy, just put a lil more effort to fathom the depth. 🙂 Cheers.

    1. Thank you so much dost 😀
      hmmm…..title sense,okay i`ll put extra thought from now on.but here`s a thing,i`m giving the viewers the opportunity to develop independent thoughts about these people and places.
      YOU decide your say,here are the pictures and the stories.

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