Project management is problem management

Change is inevitable in every human endeavor. Being a good software project manager is an inherently challenging role to accomplish as it encompasses forming reliable speculations about future events that are uncertain and also tackling unwanted changes or problematic situations that are certain. Software project management on high-level abstraction involves balancing the software economics with strategy and on low-level abstraction about solving everyday problems with tactics. The primary reasons behind problems encountered in software projects are evidently humane, rather than purely technical. Since problems occur mostly due to human factors, software processes advocating the agile manifesto can be eventually beneficial. The realization that problems are bound to occur in projects is critical to software project management. Experiential knowledge, pro-activity, the ability to adapt to change, a formidable combination of strategic and tactical prowess, and objectivity are some qualities ideal to project managers who belong to the software industry.

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Music of the Mountain

Once, on a gloomy and gusty monsoon afternoon, I was bathing under a fountain. As the cold water ran on top of my head my self slowly started to fade, soon my flesh and blood dissolved…only leaving there an offering from nature to itself, the music of the mountain. I gathered my belongings and started walking aimlessly down the road, taking joyous yet calm turns along the mountain, appreciating the beauty of nature. At one turn along those winding roads I came across a child, staring out at the world, hung on the back of his mother. I told him in silence – you’re safe aren’t you…I was you once. Someday, on a day like this allow yourself to go sometimes to the fountain, the truth was there and always will be there, despite the future you make. #onephotostory #narrative #nature #travel #memoir #mountains #storytelling #conceptual #tao #people #places #motionblur #vibrance

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